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Pack Nights

What is a Pack Night?

In Cub Scouting, boys are grouped by age into individual Dens.  A Den consists of of 5-10 boys, adult leaders and helpers. The Dens meet about twice a month to work on fun projects, earning badges and awards along the way.


Each month, all of the Dens get together for a Pack Night. These meetings include special ceremonies to present Scouts with the badges they've earned and include fun activities. Parents and siblings are always welcome at Pack Nights to help celebrate their Scouts' achievements.


In Pack 94, our Pack Nights always have a theme.  You can check the Pack 94 CALENDAR for the full schedule.  And check this page regularly to catch highlights of the upcoming meeting -- there are new adventures every month!





You can learn more about us and request more informaiton RIGHT HERE!

Sibling Activities:

Cub Scouting is all about FAMILY and our Pack Nights are no exception! Families of Scouts with young siblings are encouraged to bring them along -- many Pack Night activities will be open to them, as well. We'll also have a special Sibling Table in the back of the room with crafts, coloring books and other activities just for young ones!


In order to ensure this is successful, we ask that families bringing siblings sign up to volunteer at the table at least once during the year. The Pack will provide supplies, markers, crayons, activity sheets, etc.


Please sign-up at our page by clicking/tapping the button below...

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