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Welcome! Here you'll find files, forms and other resources to help you get acquainted with Pack 94 and Scouting in general. Our goal is to make your introduction as quick and easy as possible. Be sure to scroll through all of the available resources. If you you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us! And, if you have suggestions for other items to add to this page, let us know that, too!

Pack 94 Information Sheet

Basic Pack 94 Info

An annually-updated information sheet with great information about Pack 94's program and structure. Expect dates to be tentative due to the timing of the file update.

Pack 94 Cost Sheet

Basic Participation Costs

An annually-updated information sheet identifying the basic joining fees and uniform and supply costs. Also included is information about activities and fundrasing.

Bobcat Requirements

The First Cub Scout Badge

Get your Scout on target before you even buy a handbook or uniform. This guide can help them learn the basics of Cub Scouting, which are also the requirements for the Bobcat badge -- the first badge all new Cub Scouts must earn. CLICK HERE to learn about our Bobcat Bonanza event held each October!

BSA Child Safety

A Talk With Your Scout

This brochure is included in all Cub Scout rank handbooks and is a requirement for any Scout earning the Bobcat Badge.  It's the only requirement that does not get completed at our Bobcat Bonanza.

Uniform Guidelines

The Sharp-Dressed Scout

The complete guide to the "Class A" uniform.

BSA Parent Orientation

Welcome to Scouting

This is a very informative pamphlet produced by the BSA to help families understand the goals, ideals and methods of Scouting. Whether you come from a Scout background, or are entirely new to the program, this document will get you off to a great start.

BSA Comic Book

Introduction to Scouting

A great introduction to Scouting in easy-to-follow comic book form.

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