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The 1-2-3s of The Scout Uniform


Why Uniforms?

Wearing uniforms has been a method of the Scouting movement from the beginning. Decades of experience show uniforming to have many benefits, including these:


  • Equality. The uniform represents a democratic ideal of equality. Children from various cultures and different economic levels wear the same uniform and cooperate as equals.


  • Identification. The uniform identifies a child as a member of the Cub Scouts. Badges on the uniform tell other members that they belong to their den, pack, and council. The uniform itself identifies a good citizen to the entire community


  • Achievement. The uniform displays badges and other awards so the accomplishments of each Cub Scout can be immediately recognized


  • Commitment. Wearing a uniform is a constant reminder to each Cub Scout of their commitment to the ideals and purposes of Cub Scouting: duty to God, loyalty to country, and helpfulness to others.


For these reasons, among others, all parents should emphasize to their Scouts the importance of wearing the correct and complete uniform on all suitable occasions.


Badges, Patches & Placement

Badges on The Uniform
Aside from the awards listed at right, only a small number of patches can be placed on the uniform shirt itself. They are, as follows:

Council Sholder Patch
The Rainbow Council patch on the left shoulder identifies the area of the country your Scout resides.


Unit Numerals

The "9" and "4" patches on the left shoulder identify that your Scout is in Pack 94 of Rainbow Council.


World Crest

This round purple patch is worn above the left pocket and is the symbol of Scouting across the world.


Den Number/Patrol Medallion

Tigers, Wolves and Bears wear the den number patch on their right shoulder. Webelos wear their patrol medallion and color ribbons on the right shoulder instead.

The following are also worn on the uniform when earned by your Scout: badge of rank, arrow points, service star pin, religious emblem knot, recruiter strip, Interpreter strip, outdoor activity award, and summertime award pin. (see details at right)


Adventure Loops

Wolves, Tigers and Bears earn adventure loops for the achievements and electives they compelte in their den or on their own. These are worn on the Scout belt. Older loops can be removed in order to make room for newly-earned loops when necessary.


Adventure Pins

Webelos earn adventure pins for the achievements toward their Webelos and Arrow of Light badges. These are affixed to the webelos color ribbons on their right shoulder.


Other Patches

There are dozens of other patches that can be earned or awarded for participation. These are not to be permanently sewn to the uniform. They are more appropriately displayed on the optional red vest. One temporary emblem can be hung from the right pocket button. Examples include event patches, CyberChip, the NOVA award and the fitness awards.


Uniform Inspections

At least once each year, Pack 94 leadership will hold uniform inspections during our monthly Pack Nights.  Den Leaders may conduct sporadic uniform inspections, as well.  The goal of these inspections is not to enforce standards, but rather to encourage pride, responsibility and self-confidence  in our Cub Scouts.  Being recognized for wearing a full uniform and wearing it properly is an easy way for a Cub Scout to build success.  We encourage families to have their Scout be entirely responsible for the upkeep of their uniform at home.


We understand that, often, families new to Scouting may not yet have purchased a full uniform prior to the first inspection.  In these cases, we still encourage scouts to participate in the inspection process -- points for cleanliness and attitude can still be earned, and it's a great experience to build on.

Tips for Passing an Inspection:

  • Review the inspection sheet (at right) prior to the Pack Night

  • Ensure your uniform is clean and neat

  • Ensure YOU are clean an neat

  • Wear clean, appropriate pants

  • Wear clean, appropriate shoes

  • Be attentive to and respectful of your inspector(s)

  • Have fun! 

Awards Worn on the
Cub Scout Uniform

BADGES OF RANK The Bobcat, Tiger, Wolf and Bear badges are all worn on the left pocket of the uniform. Webelos only wear the oval Webelos rank badge on this pocket.


ARROW POINTS. Wolf and Bear Scouts can earn one gold and multiple silver arrow points. These are placed directly under the appropriate badge of rank.


SERVICE STARS. Awarded for each full year as a registered Scout. Only the most current star is worn, centered over the left pocket (above the religious knot, if present).


RELIGIOUS EMBLEM. A variety of faith-specific religious awards are available for Scouts to earn. Once completed, this square knot emblem can be worn centered over the left pocket.


RECRUITER STRIP. This patch is awarded to Scouts who bring another child to join Scouting. Once the new Scout has been officially registered, this patch is worn under the right pocket.


INTERPRETER STRIP. Scouts proficient in a language other than english (including American Sign Language and even Morse code) can wear the corresponding strip above the right pocket.


OUTDOOR ACTIVITY AWARD. This badge, it is placed directly on the flap over the right shirt pocket.


SUMMERTIME AWARD. This pin is placed directly on the outdoor activity award patch.

Pack 94
is focused on 
Pack 94 Unform Inspection Checklists

Click on your Scout's uniform style to download the checklist used for inspections.

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