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The Pack 94 Hiking Club

About Us:
A major part of Cub Scouting is enjoying healthy fun in the great outdoors. To that purpose, Pack 94 is proud to bring your our Hiking Club. We organize a trek each month of the year and we hike rain or shine. Hikes are, in most cases, free. Siblings, parents, family and friends are always welcome! Some hikes make include additional activities like Nature Center tours.

What to bring on a hike:
Always bring water!  A small first aid kit is recommended.  Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and season-appropriate clothing.  Depending on the weather, you may also want to bring:  raingear, sunscreen, sunglasses, bug repellent, etc. If you have a compass, feel free to bring it along for some basic orienteering instruction. You may also bring small amounts of healthy snacks (like trail mix or granola bars).  Cameras are always welcome. Scouts should only bring hiking staffs if they're prepared to use them only as hiking staffs (not "lightsabers"). Some hikes may include stops for brown bag lunches.


What NOT to bring:
Unhealthy snacks or beverages. Video games, music players or other electronics. Pets.

When are hikes?

Hikes are scheduled once each month--on a Saturday. Please visit our Pack 94 calendar for details.

How do I sign-up for a hike?

Hikes are listed on the Pack 94 calendar with a link to sign-up, as well as a link to the hiking destination that month.  An email will go out with a link to the sign-up via signup genius. 


Send ideas for hiking venues, hike activities and other suggestions to:

Winter Campout.jpeg

About Our Hikes:
Hikes will range in length from one to five miles. Some will be on improved paths (paved), some may be gravel, stone or wood chips, and others will be unimproved (bare ground). Specific details about each hike (length, path, duration, etc.) will be made available prior to the scheduled date.


We'll keep track of all participants' mileage over the course of the year and recognize our most veteran hikers at our Pack Nights.

WEATHER NOTE: We will abide by the BSA Safe Scouting policies regarding weather. In cases of lightning, severe cold or other dangerous weather, hikes will be cancelled or rescheduled. In all other cases, we'll be enjoying the outdoors!


IMPORTANT: Unless alternate arrangements are made with your Den Leader, a parent or guardian must accompany your Scout.

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