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2019 Popcorn Sales!!


Welcome back PACK 94 – it’s that time of the year again!

We are looking forward to a great start to the scouting season and popcorn handles the funding for much of that.

What’s the same?

Same values – salesmanship, money management, community, responsibility. While it may just be “selling popcorn” to us, for our scouts, it translates to much more and they end up paying their own way in doing so.

Wagon sales – we have inventory available for scouts to go door to door.

Remote sales – our committee has arranged an impressive 16 days of remote sales available at either Ace Hardware New Lenox or Big R Homer Glen. We ask everyone to sign up for 2 slots to start. If more are available after that, we will allow more times. Click Here To Sign Up!

Scout Webpage/Account through Trails End – be sure to set up as any web sales can be tracked and the scout’s rewards are done via this.
There are Rewards from Trails End and our pack!

What’s new?

Improved Trail’s End App – scouts can take credit card payments and mobile orders (big for wagon sales). Next year, there is likely to be heavier app use as well so it will be beneficial to acclimate yourself.
Buyouts have been removed. Recent trends have drawn down fundraising as well loss of the values and reward to the scouts.

Any questions, please email


*Your Den Leader will be passing out a paper copy

of the Popcorn Order Form.

Good luck with your sales!






About Fundraising


Pack 94 strives to minimize the amount of fundraising our Scouts are involved in -- we realize it's not the most fun activity of Cub Scouting.  All of the funds raised for the Pack go directly into providing awards, patches and supplies to support your Scout's program.


Please remember that Scout fundraisers should not be "high pressure" sales.  And, when soliciting at businesses, be sure to carefully follow their policies.
Thank you!

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