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7/22 - JULY HIKE: Goose Lake Prairie

On Saturday, July 22nd at 10:00AM, we're heading to “a sea of grass with pretty flowers.” Goose Lake Prairie State Natural Area serves as testimony to the prairies that once covered nearly 60 percent of the state.

Located in Grundy County, Goose Lake Prairie is approximately 1 mile southwest of the confluence of the Kankakee and Des Plaines rivers. More than half of Goose Lake Prairie is a dedicated nature preserve, protected by law for future generations from any change to the natural environment.

Wildlife sightings are the order of the day at Goose Lake Prairie. Animals living here include deer, coyote, red fox, cottontail rabbit, muskrat, beaver and badger. Barred owls, Kestrels, red-tailed and marsh hawks are among the birds of prey you may see. Marsh birds such as red-winged blackbirds, killdeer, great blue herons and great egrets might be spotted in the warmer months, while waterfowl species include Canada geese, wood ducks, mallards and blue-winged teals.

The preserve has a great trail that could be a bit muddy if conditions are rainy so REMEMBER TO DRESS APPROPRIATELY (in layers), bring raingear, drinking water and appropriate trail snacks!

See you there!

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